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Linda Lucas - Since 1975, Linda has maintained the financial records for ELECTRI-REP.  This includes accounts receivable and accounts payable.  She occasionally assists with our secretarial duties and special sales functions. Linds has contact with ELECTRI-REP customers as well as our principals.  In addition, the financial records are independently audited.



Steve Stiller: Has more than 30 years experience in the industry and territory. Steve is a technology leader who applies strong analytical and communication skills to identify customer requirements/goals and deliver results. Steve excels in developing creative solution to production problems, strategies, for reducing operating cost, and new concepts to improve quality and throughput. He view chalenges as opportunities and operates with the highest level of integrity. With a strong belief in customer support. Steve positions himself as a source of trust, information, guidance, and value creation to his customers.  Steve has been an active member of the Wisconsin SMTA, servicing offices of Secretary, Technical VP, President, and Membership VP. Steve also organizes the Wisconsin SMTA Tech Expo. Steve was also invited as an advisory board member for the Fox Valley Technical College. Steve and other advisory board members keep the faculty and administration up to date on industry trends and skill sets needed for graduates to succeed in the work place. 





Dick Roark - Prior to joining ELECTRI-REP in 1982, Dick served for six years as the District Sales Manager for S.G. Marshall.  His sales background includes selling electronics and electrical components as all as capital equipment throughout our area.  Dick holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and worked as a Purchasing and Production Manager for the Bendix Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri for thirteen years.  We feel his knowledge of territory, his rapport with the customers, and his experience in selling benefit not only with ELECTRI-REP organization but the manufacturers as well.


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